mayo 18, 2015

El pasado 15 de mayo comenzó en Legnica-Polonia; el festival de joyería que celebran cada año. Participo en la exhibición de Holownia con éste collar.

On May 15, began in Legnica-Poland; the Jewelry Festival held every year. I participate in the exhibition Holownia with this necklace.Broken Boundaries


Collar. Plata, oro, madera, coral y yeso.

Necklace. Silver, gold, wood, coral and plaster.


La Belle Époque en Holownia

Holownia es una de las exposiciones que se pueden ver en el marco del Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. El tema de éste año CLASSIC y el broche La Belle Époque es la pieza con la que participo éste año.

Holownia is one of the exhibitions that can be seen as part of Legnica Jewellery Festival SILVER. The theme of this year CLASSIC; and La Belle Epoque brooch is the piece with which I participate this year.






RevoltIMG_0075   RevoltIMG_0076

Esta es la pieza con la que participo éste año en el Legnica Jewellery Festival.

Griletes ensamblados con un grupo de piezas de joyería que se pueden llevar solas o en diferentes combinaciones.

This is the piece that I send to participate this year in the Legnica Jewellery Festival

Fetters assembled with a group of jewellery pieces that you can worn separately or combined in different ways.



RevoltIMG_0073   RevoltIMG_0079_1





  Hoy también se inaugura éste festival, el tema es RITUAL y participo en la exhibición de HOLOWNIA.

“The Scapular of Mary Magdalene”, 2012.

The devotional scapular is worn by individuals who are not members of a monastic order. Consists of two rectangular pieces of cloth, wool, laminated paper or other fabric with religious images or text, and are connected by bands. One rectangle hangs over the chest of the wearer, while the other rests on the back, with the bands running over the shoulders.

For some people, the Marseilles Tarot is considered as the secret evangel of Saint Mary Magdalene.

I use these two concepts to make a scapular to be wear by tarot devotees.